Home – the pivot point of life for all living things.  Shelter, safety, comfort, renewal, inspiration, growth and memories all make home the perfect place to share good times and to get through the not-so-good times.  Family, friends and good food change a house into a home.  One word can make someone feel a part of that very uniquely special place – “Welcome”.

This website is designed to be a part of that.

Decorating!  Cooking!  Family stuff!  Fashion!  Personal Care and Health! Hobbies & Crafts!  Anything that relates to home and the people (and pets) who love it!

As a licensed real estate broker in the State of Oregon, I’ve made a career of helping people with their housing needs.  Now, I’d like to expand my focus to include all the good stuff that graduates “housing” to “home”.

I look forward to having this site develop into a neighborhood community where homebodies like me, of all ages, lifestyles, backgrounds and interests can share and learn together!