About C J

A House is a place.  

A Home is the life that takes place in that house.

Hi!  My name is Cynthia but most people call me C J.

I am a real estate Broker licensed in the state of Oregon.

I have loved being a real estate professional.  Never routine because life is not routine, it can be a wild ride!  Researcher, shopper, mind-reader, match-maker, confidante, counselor, negotiator, overseer of details, as protective as a parent and as sympathetic or joyful as a friend, it has been awesome to share such an important part of someone’s life!

Since people give a house it’s unique quality that makes it a home, the goal for this website is to provide useful real estate information to help people get the house (apartment) then let’s have fun exchanging ideas and useful information about all aspects of life –  from and for people of all ages and interests!

CJ4AllThingsHome is more than a URL.  It is my passion and I hope it will be yours too!