Family Food Fun

It’s official – Spring is here!

Spring Fever is blossoming just like my daffodils, plum trees and the pear trees all over the valley!  I’m so happy!

Soon the lilies, roses, tulips, peonies, iris, lilacs and butterfly bushes that are all around them will be bursting with color.

I’ve started pruning and weeding (my favorite exercise routine – forget going to a gym!) and I filled the first “green cart” of the season – it was so exciting!

One of the most fun parts of Spring is seeing things sprouting that weren’t there the year before.

Activity Ideas

Take the kids outside (at home, in the park, on walks – any place) and look for new plants sprouting from the ground or new buds or blossoms that appear on trees and bushes. Fun for adults too!

While it can still be too cold to plant things outside, get some egg cartons, (the compressed paper kind, not foam), fill each cup with a little potting soil, and let them plant their own seeds for flowers and vegetables.  The excitement, joy and pride that blooms in the kids is as beautiful as their plantings.

When the plants are sprouted and the fear of frost is past, plant them outside.  If there isn’t a yard to plant them in, they can be put in planters and put on a patio or even indoors if there is some good light coming in.  Just make sure that you get a container large/deep enough for the mature plant.

The beauty of using the compressed paper kind of egg carton is that the whole cup and plant can just go in the ground together since the paper will break down and decompose once planted in the dirt.  BTW – save egg shells – they’re great in the garden.  Just crush them up (I stick them in a bag and use a rolling pin) then mix them into the soil to add nutrients or scatter the pieces on tip of the dirt to help keep slugs and snails away.  Easy peasy and very eco-friendly!

Why not have a “sprout hunt” with the kids in your home, neighborhood or school?