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Most people find the language of real estate to be confusing and overwhelming and yet it is absolutely the #1 most important element of the whole business process on any level – especially in a real estate situation since the risks and time frames are most extensive than in any other business transaction.

People may or may not recognize the words, but no one has taken the time to explain what they mean, and since they don’t want to “ask a stupid question”, they often don’t have a clear understanding of what their legal rights and responsibilities are in their purchase or sale.

First of all, it is important to understand that when signing a legally binding document or entering into any kind of agreement with someone else, THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS!

Learning and understanding new information is the SMART thing to do.

One of the goals I have for this blog/website is to provide easily accessible information for people to get the information they want and need in a way that that fits their needs, that they can process in way that works best for them and that they can refer back to at their convenience.

Here is the most basic piece of the real estate puzzle foundation.  This glossary of terms is a .pdf file put out by the Federal Trade Commission that can be saved and downloaded for future reference use.

The Real Estate Marketplace Glossary_ How to Talk the Talk



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